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What do I love to hear the most? ‘Offic-ially’!

I would often stumble at this question on the umpteen slam-books and diaries that we’ve filled up in our days – what is your favorite song? I would, like many others, go on merrily mentioning several songs that I loved – didn’t actually matter if I really would want to keep hearing them back or back it up with some traceable metric.

So I came up with this list of songs that I had been mentioning across different places claiming to be my favorite (this actually got me to log in to Orkut – seems like time travel) ones. Equipped with a bag of 100 songs (with a few additions to make up the number in the end), I plugged them into my media player and shuffled them up to start with.

Now on, it was fairly simple – every day I would listen to these songs in a random order and either hear the song playing or impulsively hit the next button. At the end of every day I had columns that highlighted the number of skips I made and the number of runs I heard through among the total number of plays.

Ran this for twelve days – and on the thirteenth day, well, I have the top ten songs that I definitely would love to keep playing over and over on my headphones.

The songs considered though are all from movies released after I was born and until last year – to prevent both the biases, classic (I really don’t care in this exercise if Guru Dutt gave us a few gems, I wouldn’t end up hearing them repeatedly at work anyways) as well as infatuation-based (I tried to keep it as less skewed as possible).

So here are the ten – let me know if they work for you! Criteria (For Reference) – Hindi song from a film soundtrack, released after 1985 and before 2011.

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  1. Is this a test framework for a media client, and its results??
    No idea if anyone have ever pursued such methodical quantification of creative instincts, if you consider music to be right-brained contribution… 😀

    On the contents, inspiring research and entries 🙂

  2. Great method… & simple too

    To add to this methodology … there is something that I was thinking about for a long time and the experiment can help one to identify some other things too, such as

    1. Classification of people among different categories based on the type of songs they listen.
    2. Mood swings of a person

    Each song that we listen has varied energy levels and express different kinds of emotion. One can develop a matrix which will classify all these songs on the above two parameters. Now a person could be asked to make his play list of, as you said, 100 songs and use the same media player. Now this selection would be dependent on the mood in which the person is. So the selection has to be done few number of times to get the exact set of songs that one likes. That final selection may give you broad set of a person’s liking. Running the experiment would help you identify the top 20% of the songs the person play indicating the category in which they lie.
    The result would be relied upon with high confidence level as the selection of songs is done by our sub-conscious mind which govern our real behavior.

    The broad set of 100 songs would surely have range of energy level and a range of emotions. This range would define the extremes of your behavior. One can further classify these songs in say 4 sub levels of energy and 4 sub levels of emotions. Now to the experiment one has to keep track of
    a. what is the time of the day the songs are played
    b. The circumstances under which the person is while playing those songs.

    The time would tell you how often you move from one extreme to other.
    And the circumstances would tell you which thing around you generates what kind of emotions in you.

    whoofff… kuch jada hi likh diya….

  3. Amazing MSJ 🙂

    Although I didnt architect to such elaborate levels, I saw the effect of time of the day, mood of the person and place where the songs are being heard.

    So I restricted this to a relatively normal day at work, the working hours and my cubicle for coming up with the list.

    Hope to do similarly for long drives, travel and leisure listening (in the wee hours of night) for understanding myself further.

    But great point you have here. 🙂

  4. Each one is a masterpiece… I would have loved to see a track of “pyaar main kabhi kabhi” here… would have scored high as well…

  5. Dil se mere duur na jaana – 17 on the list.
    But I think the skips were probably due to the slow start of the song – terrific otherwise.

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