This is just a start..


This is just a start….


This post is about my dear friend – Dipraj (Yes, the very Dipraj who owns this portal).


I once asked him, may be in our second lap of college, “You seem to be quite intelligent.. what are you doing here in LNCT? You deserve to be in IIT!!”


He replied,“Had I made it to IIT, how would I ever meet you?”


It is always very nice to hear such lines from a guy in your appreciation but for him, it was his way of hiding his pain of not getting into IIT.


Third lap of college, Recruitment Fair; he got into TCS, the very first company that came for recruitment. He was happy or pretended to be so. But ask me and I’ll tell you, he was not made for TCS.


He also took CAT, got a 90+ percentile but again, ask me and I’ll tell you, he is IIM material. He, for a change, himself confessed, “I didn’t get into IIT, but nothing less than IIM this time..!”


He has always been a person who dreams big and also works hard to achieve it but, there still was no end to his misfortune.


Faculty members of his department then played foul to deny him the ‘Best Student’ and ‘Best Project’ awards funded by Tata Consultancy Services at that time. Needless to say, his performance card in both the categories was unbeatable.


The College Course Ends Here.


Now, ‘On The Job Time’:


Tata Consultancy Services, Noida: He gave a mind-boggling performance during his training days, only to miss out on the ‘Best Associate’ award.


But still, he never let us gauge how heartbroken he was.


But just a few months later came the chance for him to show his flair and he grabbed it to blow the minds of ’em all.


A game of luck for three days and everything changed.


He moved to Hyderabad..


Let me correct myself.. He moved to Microsoft, Hyderabad.


That ‘ultimate’ destination for a software engineer and he has made it within seven months of his professional life.


He doesn’t need razzle-dazzle. His personality is enough to knock you off.


But this is surely not the end…


Picture.. Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost..!!


P.S.:  I never told you Dipraj but you have always been my role model and I will keep following in your footsteps.


God Bless You..!!

4 thoughts on “This is just a start..

  1. It has taken a long time for me.. 23 years now, to read a piece of heartfelt appreciation.

    You’re right Hero ( that’s what I call her ), this is just the start, and I hope with pillars like you at my side, we will definitely have great tomorrows.


    Thanx a ton!!

  2. i completely agree with GJ..this was a very deserved job n this kinda luck shud have happened earlier! very well written..truely fromt heart.
    Dip: u deserve way more n have a long way ahead! gud luck to u n god bless.

  3. GJ ne bahut sahi likha hai.. tha day I met Nandi, he impressed me.. The first impression of him was of a very studious sort of guy.. but as the time passed in ILP, we get to know about each other in bulk..i used to tell one of my saala TCS main kaise aa gaya…at least, he sud be in IBM..He is made for Microsoft.. aur ek baat ye IIM/IIT material kuch nahi hai..Best Associate Award.. ye sab dikhawa hai…u sud be a nice person 4m inside, selflessness nature..dat matters.. and Nandi indeed possess those qualities..agar aap bahut successful hain and u r boastful..den it is as good as failure..but if u r crystal clear in ur thoughts and ready to help others..u r automatically successful… to overall hamara yahi kehna hai ki..Nandi is gud person first and then successful…He is my one of the closest frnds because of his cool nature and views about life…kudos to both GJ and Nandi

  4. Wonderful post. Looking back at the times spent with Dipraj at the ILP and Mumbai, every word of your post makes sense.

    I am not gonna reiterate the fact about how smart he is because people have already mentioned it enough; but I would like to say what a pleasing personality and an all around individual he is. He along with GR and Bhawesh were such good fun to hang out with and such genuine ppl who really cared for their friends.

    Heres wishing u the very best in life Dipraj, hope u, GR and bhawesh have the greatest times and hope we all get to meet sometime in the future.

    Great post GJ!

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