The need for the right aids towards AIDS

I remember reading in my school books how mankind was helpless with no cure for the condition caused by AIDS. Today, as we find people and celebrities, alike, falling prey to one fatal disease after another – well, I present here some text towards the big one – AIDS.

With all the AIDS-awareness drives worldwide notwithstanding and the clinically proven effectiveness of the antiretroviral drugs, Dr. Boyd Graves chose to differ.

If one were to go by his findings and recommendations, AIDS would eventually be proved to have been synthetically manufactured with suggested intentions of bringing down the third world population. AIDS, as per his research, has its roots in the United States of America’s The Virus Cancer Program which synthetically produced the HIV in its laboratories. The validity of such claims can always be contested and often dismissed as conspiracy theories but the fact remains that if such apparently biological warfare has actually been resorted to by supposedly responsible governments (not to be confused with these as reported here), perhaps it wouldn’t be out of context to mention here that they also (in black & white) harbour the cure in their backyards.

At the end of the day – I leave it to the Almighty to preside over.

One thought on “The need for the right aids towards AIDS

  1. Really! This is quite surprising.. or rather shocking. But we are dealing with the BIG BROTHER here, aren’t we? The Big Brother *knows* whats good for the third world underdogs, I guess.

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