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Susanna's Seven Husbands

It is interesting to go through a novella form of a short story you had visited as a child.

While Ruskin Bond weaves his patent magic of making the most mundane things spark to life, the story is so named because of a very important reason.

I haven’t seen the movie myself, but have read the original script (also included in the paperback available in bookstores now). However, I have come across a lot of discussion on who the seventh husband was and who was the seventh one she murdered – and the like.

It would be interesting to note that Ruskin Bond never suggests the concept of seven murders – either in the title of the novella or anywhere within. What simply remains is a subtle yet clear indication towards the end of the original story – precisely pointing out all the seven husbands.

However, the film-makers chose to toy with the idea of extrapolating what happens in the end. And yes, they did clearly suggest seven murders (not necessarily husbands, but as it turned out – and also the very words of the script, all seven murders were indeed of husbands). But as in the original story, so in the script, the concept of the seventh murder & husband is again very prominently conveyed – not quite needing you to be a Nolan to move out of the theatre with your head held high, knowing the secret of the universe. It’s there for everyone to see and absorb.

As for me, I loved the novella and well, the script was pretty well extrapolated too.

The bottomline – This is a treat for all Ruskin Bond fans out there. Go for it! :-)

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