She’s Back..!

We’ve got her back, the most beautiful woman to grace the universe… ever!

After ten months of raging a brave battle against multiple myeloma – Lisa Ray is right back!

While this comes as a sense of relief and happiness to folks like me – the ardent fanbase as such, for several others, who’ve become admirers of this diva during her battle days (through her blog or otherwise), it comes as a news of re-affirmation of the belief that they had grown patrons to.

It’s almost a sense of having been a part of the victorious army that in the end ensured good prevailed over evil – my comments at her blog, my own little way of encouragement through a word or two; it has all come out with her recovery in flying colors!

Here’s a cheer to her fantabulous victory and with eyes shining with tears, here’s wishing that I keep witnessing her several times over gracing our silver screens for years to come..!

Lisa with her 'new hairdo' :-)

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