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Rajneeti, by Prakash Jha’s admission itself, borrows heavily from the Mahabharata. Well, it also cleverly adds to it pieces of other flicks and a dash of Nehru-Gandhi family affairs. What you get in the end is an attempt at trying to put together a solid representation of the state and times of Indian politics, but you are somehow left with a feeling of sourness – one that stems from a hastily prepared side-dish.


With a deluge of accomplished actors, Rajneeti does not fall short of star-power or superb performances. Ranbir Kapoor, however, steals the show with a finesse that is unmistakable and a silent statement that he’s the one for the coming years. Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpai are in their elements and at times exemplary.

The remainder of the starcast is pretty solid too. However, the under-use of Naseeruddin Shah comes across as a hard deal.


The music is used judiciously in the screenplay and only as far to heighten it. The album by itself is good with compositions from multiple music directors. Bheegi Si by Pritam and Mora Piya by Aadesh Srivastava are the stand-outs.


Rajneeti is good – only as far as the premise and the performances go. For the rest of it, well it’s a melodramatic movie that promises so much and delivers the routine.


6.50 / 10.00


2 thoughts on “Rajneeti :: Reviewed

  1. No mention about Bhopal. :(
    You should have not missed the b’ful marine-drive,noor-us-sabah and OIST.
    Anyways, I second your observation. It would have been better if movie title had been “Aaj ki Mahabharat”

    And yes, Katrina Kaif was not at her best. Either she was under used or she had no idea about her role.

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