Paa :: Reviewed


Much was made of Auro and his class act before the release of this movie. While director Balki deserves credit for conceptualizing this film, where he misses out is the execution and the sustained interest in the movie.

The plot revolves around a single mother, played (a class act) by Vidya Balan, and Auro – her child, who has the rare genetic disorder of Progeria. Abhishek Bachchan plays a vibrant, young politician who coincidentally becomes a part of Auro’s life and that’s where the story starts off – if I may so put it.

What eventually happens and how facts unfold is the only aspect that you are made to sit through for.


Amitabh Bachchan has lately been trying out movies that will add to his CV value of versatility – Black, Kaante and Sarkar being the previous ones (This is not the forum to write about AAG!!)

While Paa is another great piece of act from the legendary actor, it falls short on promise.

Abhishek Bachchan is just about right in his role but it is Vidya Balan who walks away with a class act.


Illayaraja has scored the music for the film and yes, it again suffers from the Whatever-I-Hum-Is-Awesome syndrome (due credit must be given to the pioneer of this style – A.R.Rehman).

While you bend your ears a little to understand what is going on, you soon give up rightly taking the song to be a filler jingle.


Paa is anything but what was promised at the outset. While it may be a novel movie and one that you probably would do well to sit through, it is not quite exceptional material.

Credit should still be given to director Balki for braving to make a novel attempt.


6.00 / 10.00

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