London Dreams :: Reviewed


London Dreams actually did not feature on my must-watch list this weekend, but then there was nothing else to watch (like all those days!) – so, here goes!

I actually did not have an inkling of what the storyline was meant to be when the movie just about began, but quite soon it did manage to meander into a clichéd drama of sorts in prospect.

The story deals with the single-minded determination of a boy to achieve success against all odds and how his best friend goes out of his way to work for his success – and oh yes, all the misunderstandings that follow.


Salman Khan walks away yet again with the honour for man-of-the-movie. He exudes superb confidence in playing out his character and rarely looks out of place or overboard – which is exceptional given the kind of role he had on his cards.

Ajay Devgan & Rannvijay are just about alright while Asin is completely misplaced – in fact, I wonder what makes folks cast her in the lead when in fact, Sakshi Gulati would have been a better choice (rather than limiting her to a cameo).


The music is not quite at par with the ‘Rock-On’ score but yes, some of the numbers do end up looking and sounding better in the movie than they would on the audio players.

Although the score lacks shelf-life, it’s not an entirely forgettable album.


London Dreams could have been a story better told and time better spent had the director thought of putting more substance and a convincing crescendo to the apparently weak climax.

The movie actually scores low in screenplay at crucial junctures and at some times gives you the impressions of an ad-hoc editing production.

It’s not passable altogether but yes, as I have been saying for some time now, with not much else to choose from, London Dreams is not a nightmare altogether!


5.00 / 10.00

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