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Kites is different. It’s a film that for once, defines why the production house is so called – Film Kraft.

It’s nothing short of a carefully crafted piece of art that may still find few connoisseurs. A superbly woven tale of endless love that transcends the barriers of race, religion and language – and glides into eternity, Kites will go into the books as one of the better films ever produced.


Hrithik Roshan just takes everything about an actor to a different level altogether. He’s light years above the script and is ably supported by Barbara Mori. While the supporting cast sticks to their track, they are not the reason you would want to remember this love story.

It’s the Hrithik & Barbara Show, and it is awesome!


Rajesh Roshan again comes up trumps in a home production. While the background music is well laid out too, the standout number remains Zindagi Do Pal Ki besides the other chartbusters including Dil Kyun Yeh Mera.

The soundtrack may not be Rajesh’s best but is definitely the ideal thing to have happened for the movie – subtle, soothing and ethereal!


Kites has received a lot of flak in several reviews and from several big-mouths. It’s time people understood they had no business to talk about something that they did not understand at all – it doesn’t have to be the clichéd rocket science or mathematics all the time, you can actually miss everything in a piece of art such as this.


8.50 / 10.00


4 thoughts on “Kites :: Reviewed

  1. Oh Oh..! 8.5 out of 10. Have not seen the movie yet so can not really comment. But it looks like you have loved the movie and I believe I know why. 😛

  2. Finally A Refreshingly Well-made, Honest Movie!!!
    As Indian audience, who watches both Indian as well as International movies, Kites has made us Proud! Hrithik and Barbara are endearing with their honest performance! Without the over dramatization, they have managed to touch the hearts of the audiences! First time have we seen an Indian movie in the Romance genre with such fantastic international standards! Indian film makers have finally created a technically high quality film, which is capable to competing internationally. This is Not another one of those run-off the mill Indian love movies with lovey-dovey songs every 15 minutes & over dramatic emotions from actors.
    Hrithik, with the humbleness of his being, is one actor that every Indian loves, and has the looks, glamour and capacity to go international! Barbara has surprised with her acting skills. You will be surprised with this never-seen-before (by Indians) style of film making. Kites is a refreshing change from the other romance movies created in India. You don’t want to miss it! A MUST WATCH for anyone who likes Hrithik; or likes romantic movies; and especially anyone who is fed up of having to put up with un-realistic and over-dramatic song-dance mediocre love stories Indian film directors have passed as art over the years – here is one serious attempt at the art of film-making, and it shines through! Hats off to Basu (Director) and the Roshans.

  3. I watched the movie in Long Island (New York). I found it one of the best Indian movie ever, although my children were not as thrilled. It is a very unique love story with a tragic end which really touched my heart. It is a MUST see at least once, although I plan to see it again.

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