It’s a tale of two nations – which began as many and if all had been fine, could have been one.

Yesterday, was a day of not just Halloween, but of one of the best one-day international games I have ever seen. Pakistan ended up beating South Africa and Abdul Razzaq left the Proteas scared – very, very scared on Halloween night.

Having followed the match in almost entirety, I was my jubilant self over dinner and suggested my room-mate to go ahead and catch the highlights – after all, he’d enjoy every minute of it and will remember it as a great game of cricket. But the reply was as swift – “Kya mazaa aayega dekh ke jab Pakistan jeet gayi?” (What fun would I have watching it when Pakistan won?)

I was at a loss of words for a couple of seconds, and just added – “Yaar, mujhe lagaa shayad jo team better jazbaa dikhaaye, use jeetna chahiye” (Buddy, I guess I thought the team that showed more spirit should win)

What was more ironic was the fact that the dinner we were having had been brought from the local Pakistani restaurant where we are regulars and generally the owner gives us a discount of 2-3 euros each time we visit.

But I respect his perception of the whole case. It is natural for many on both sides of the border to feel this way – it doesn’t matter if the two land masses have seen history as one over 5000 years, but what has remained to this day is 50 years of enmity, distrust and lack of admiration in any sense.

I however question my take on the whole scenario – who is at fault for not having the share of appreciation? Razzaq – who played the innings of his life for his country? The local restaurateur – who warmly welcomes us and offers discounts apart from great food? Or is it me – who feels elated whenever the Pakistan Cricket Team or say any other team shows great spirit to win?

I rest my case.


India & Pakistan

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6 thoughts on “Ironies

  1. Time is the only vaccine..Like many other unfortunate biases which gradually phased out with time, this too surely will..Hopefully, we’ll view in our lifetime the followers of both the views enjoy and appreciate quality performances(sports as well as culinary) irrespective of…

  2. @Sakhawat & GJ – Yes, on hindsight, I feel we’re blessed to be deprived of such biases. Enjoy the show while it lasts! How does it matter which farm or factory it came from?

  3. When two enormous Kingdoms are embroiled in contretemps…Unfortunately, Logic is not what Soldiers resort to..Soldiers, who have never known or seen each other, vie for each other’s blood…
    But I ain’t a soldier, and this ain’t a war…

  4. I too enjoyed the match wherein Razzaq drilled down all the SA bowlers to win the match single-handedly.
    The effort he put in was really appreciable.
    Irrespective of the nation a player belongs to, the spirit and courage should always be respected.
    The other match between Aus and SL, Angelo Matthews and Kulasekra put in a match winning 132 run 9th wicket stand.
    It is so pleasing that our continent produces such talent.

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