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Choicest Typefaces of All Time : A Look-back

Although I am not averse to Gill Sans, nor hold any personal grudge against Times New Roman; I rarely find myself being satisfied with a presentation or document set in the same. Make no mistake, I still respect the Tahomas & Verdanas of our time – not to forget the Couriers, our first big break into the world of digital typefaces!

But if I were to sit through a session of hand-picking my best bets to live the rest of my life with, I would choose the following ten of a kind –

The Choicest Typefaces

2 comments on “Choicest Typefaces of All Time : A Look-back

  1. Good work…nice to see Monotype on top of the list…inspite of the fact that I was always teased for using it!

  2. Thanks, but Monotype is the foundry (production studio), not the font 😛
    The ‘Monotype Corsiva’ that you are referring to is the font name.

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