You are but a small fry..!

Every now and then I end up realizing – “You are but a small fry..!”, almost as if The Almighty himself is speaking those words right into the innermost corridors of my ears. I remember that fateful day of April, 1993 when I was idling away surfing channels and suddenly saw this message flashing across […]

Give Peace A Chance : Beirut | Strings

My fascination with Strings, the band, dates back to my school days. Never before had I heard something so delicately simple yet so soulful. With one hits after another, they soon became a band with following spread across seas. But, it was with this one song, titled ‘Beirut’, that they married an aspect which is […]

Kamaal Khan :: Singing to the Soul

  Kamaal Khan burst into the Indian Music Industry as the refreshing new voice of Salman Khan, a title that was held by S.P.Balasubramaniam for close to a decade. But the singer was never actually given the credit that was due and mostly rubbed away as another IndiPop singer, a treatment which rooted from the […]

The Champion Shows His Flair

  There could not have been a better occasion for a champion to show his class, especially for the sake of fans like me who have been waiting for the same for almost an eternity.!   The ‘Rawalpindi Express’ (He’s probably too fast for the tag anyways) as they call him, chose such an opportune […]

The Prince Conquers Again

  The old warrior still sports that heart-of-a-lion when it comes to standing up and being counted.   On Sunday, the scene was no different when The Prince of Calcutta towered with his all-round performance to almost single-handedly vanquish Team Hyderabad in the ongoing Indian Premier League.   Controversies and misfortune may have found favour […]

Google Labs /* CodeSearch */

  Google Labs is one place you will be anything but disappointed once you log on.   I hadn’t been there for sometime now and this afternoon’s visit left me wanting to go through more with little time at disposal.   From the racks I just got my hands on this CodeSearch application and played […]

To Savour & Remember..!

I happened to recently visit one of the oldest restaurants in my hometown, known as, Hotel Limcas.   This is one place upon whose many recipes I had feasted in my growing up years not as a visitor but as a recepient of the great treats my father used to bring home.   So once […]