You are but a small fry..!

Every now and then I end up realizing – “You are but a small fry..!”, almost as if The Almighty himself is speaking those words right into the innermost corridors of my ears.

I remember that fateful day of April, 1993 when I was idling away surfing channels and suddenly saw this message flashing across – “A tribute to Divya Bharti”, I had a few thoughts myself of what was being conveyed here, but being in the third standard at that time I ran across to my sister asking her what had happened. She seemed to freeze and moments later told the unacceptable –

Divya Bharti was no more.

I don’t care what the reasons leading to this tragic event were. None of that is going to help us get her back. But all I know is Divya was a great actress and an even more charming face. For years after she has left us, fans across the world have played their part in keeping her spirit alive. Today, it really makes me wonder how passionately fans can keep their idols alive for years together – long after they’re gone.

So why all this blue talk?

Well, more than blue, it’s about being distraught at the news I received today – “Lisa Ray is battling multiple myeloma”.

Again, Lisa Ray has been an epitome of beauty for a great many over the past decade or so. I recall having seen her for the first time on a Zee Television flick named Hanste Khelte (in a song sequence – “O meri Rekha…”) and have been an ardent fan ever since.

While I have obviously sat through all her movies (including Kill Kill Faster Faster) and found her grow as an actress every single time, I have also admired the poise and ethereal nature of her beauty. Lisa Ray has always been that perfect manifestation of woman perhaps generations (or at least generations of genuine fans & admirers!!) would swear by.

It then does not help in any way to come face to face with such a piece of news from the least expected quarters. It’s one thing to appreciate and express solidarity with Lisa for being bold in her fight against cancer but what is simply not digestible is the fact that things go wrong for reasons unexplained and more importantly, on subjects unasked.

That brings me back to being a small fry.

While I read my prayers and express faith in the Almighty to bring Lisa back to her glorious self and endow her with scores of years to grace our fan-fury longings (Yellow Talks Rock – And You Know Who This Is For..!!) , I also keep that doubt alive in the corner of my heart – is there always an event about to unfold that bluntly puts across that we are only mortals and no more?

I guess.. or maybe not.. or perhaps, I just don’t know..!

Give Peace A Chance : Beirut | Strings

My fascination with Strings, the band, dates back to my school days. Never before had I heard something so delicately simple yet so soulful. With one hits after another, they soon became a band with following spread across seas.

But, it was with this one song, titled ‘Beirut’, that they married an aspect which is of very high importance to me in my journey through time – To pause and help for a cause.

It hardly matters what you get from your fans or admirers – what matters is what you give back to the greater mass.

Faisal & Bilal – This one’s for you..!

Keep strumming..!

I Will Never Look Into Your Eyes Again..!


I remember a place not far away,

I remember a time not long ago;

I remember being with you too..

And I still remember you in all that I do.!

But it’s not with love… daggers of pain!

And I promise…

I will never look into your eyes again..!


The maple tree stares down upon me,

And reminds me of a time I was here before;

The path leads me to a field,

Which shows me it still has life galore;

But I recognize them all..

Same old chaff.. Yet different grain..!

And so I promise…

I will never look into your eyes again..!


Alone I meander through the crossroads,

And I see a coffee pub I had frequented before;

This very street! That very day!!

I wish I had thought of it before..

Before letting go of your hand..

One fateful moment and you were no more..

All I had with me was lost..

And washed away in that autumn rain…

And so I promise…

I will never look into your eyes again..!


Kamaal Khan :: Singing to the Soul


Kamaal Khan burst into the Indian Music Industry as the refreshing new voice of Salman Khan, a title that was held by S.P.Balasubramaniam for close to a decade. But the singer was never actually given the credit that was due and mostly rubbed away as another IndiPop singer, a treatment which rooted from the mushrooming of a huge number of blink-and-miss artistes during the late 90s and early years of the millennium. Kamaal nevertheless is still going strong and being a huge fan myself, look forward to the forthcoming album ‘Khanfusion’.


Raghav Sachar :: Dexterity Unlimited

Raghav Sachar at 26 years of age is one exceedingly gifted artiste who can actually play more musical instruments than his age ( 32 instruments as on date ). If his formative years in the Indian Music Industry are anything to go by, we have a rarity on the cards. With contemporary sounds in his compositions, he manages to effortlessly pull-off one chartbuster after another. Perhaps, Kabul Fiza from Kabul Express is one song that one wouldn’t have lost from their mp3 players altogether. Give some more of his numbers a try and you may soon be humming one random piece.. go for it.!

Anjaane ChehreThe most amazing bloopers are here

The Champion Shows His Flair


There could not have been a better occasion for a champion to show his class, especially for the sake of fans like me who have been waiting for the same for almost an eternity.!


The ‘Rawalpindi Express’ (He’s probably too fast for the tag anyways) as they call him, chose such an opportune moment to vindicate his class and passion for the game and on the receiving end were the Delhi IPL team.


With the first half of the match witnessing paltry yet dogged batsmanship from the Calcutta team, the bowlers and the fieldsmen had to perhaps play the match of their lives and am glad that they did and in doing so gave the spectators moments that would become the highlight of this edition of the IPL when seen in retrospection.


But the whole show was setup by a man who had been on the receiving end of blow after blow from his national cricket body and had been at the centre-stage of severe criticism with former players even doubting his attitude and sincerity towards the game.


This was his first competitive game in a long time but he chose this very moment to weave magic, the way only he can.!


One would exaggerate to say that he silenced them all with his show but it would only be an understatement if I said that Shoaib Akhtar’s passion and flair for the game is still burning; in fact, it’s exploding..!


And every cricket fan who witnessed yesterday’s match would agree that the champion bowler single-handedly blew up the opposition.


It’s ironical that when the nation was burning with the Pink City blasts and alleging foreign hands in the same, here was a foreign hand which was blasting away in a very different and appropriate way, much to the delight of the masses.


Perhaps, we will never learn to treat our champions the way they are due.


Well played Shoaib Akhtar, the cricketer..!


The Prince Conquers Again


The old warrior still sports that heart-of-a-lion when it comes to standing up and being counted.


On Sunday, the scene was no different when The Prince of Calcutta towered with his all-round performance to almost single-handedly vanquish Team Hyderabad in the ongoing Indian Premier League.


Controversies and misfortune may have found favour in his fate-line and yes, his ‘jobfront’ but to put it in the right perspective, they have all been outside his ‘workplace’.


And for the umpteenth time, he once again stood out with his show when he had just been involved in yet another fuss-controversy but more importantly, when his team needed him the most..!


Sourav Ganguly may never be called say, A Braveheart-Personified, but in context of what he has been to the game of cricket and its true admirers, he goes beyond any such title.


May the Sun never set on The Prince of Calcutta..!!


Way to go Dada!!

Google Labs /* CodeSearch */


Google Labs is one place you will be anything but disappointed once you log on.


I hadn’t been there for sometime now and this afternoon’s visit left me wanting to go through more with little time at disposal.


From the racks I just got my hands on this CodeSearch application and played around with it from the “Hello World”s to the “request.getParameter”s.


And the best part is, the lab is a click away from you.


And the CodeSearch page goes here:

To Savour & Remember..!

I happened to recently visit one of the oldest restaurants in my hometown, known as, Hotel Limcas.


This is one place upon whose many recipes I had feasted in my growing up years not as a visitor but as a recepient of the great treats my father used to bring home.


So once I landed up in a jiffy to celebrate my father’s birthday, we very well knew, Limcas was the place to be.


Although I had never before been there (not to be confused by Bokaro-ites with Hans Regency), I felt at home, the moment I sat down to have my glass of water.


Apart from the usual fried-rice and curries that were being ordered, I was sure enough not to miss out on the continental style Roasted Chicken that they had to offer.


And just like the great ‘craftsmen-at-their-art’  had kept up their fort for so many years, this time around too, the chefs did not disappoint me.


A connoisseur I was not, but this unique style of roasting chicken and serving it with tossed & baked vegetables, very much the Russian way, had made me a passionate fan of the same.


It was a great-great-trip down the memory lane in a way of its own.


It’s about things most definitely master card can buy and yet at the same time, not wherever you wish to..!


Until next time.. Cheers.!