Article Autopsy

About Adam Hartung – A brief look-up on any search engine would lead you to impressive essays about the aforestated. I zeroed-in on one that seemed to be one of the popular results. It was really heartening to know that someone had achieved so much in a span of two decades and remained rather unknown […]

The Emperor Who Faded With A Whimper

In the hoopla of India lifting the ICC Cricket World Cup, a handful might have thought about a player, warrior and a whole lot of other adjectives rolled into one we can colloquially refer to as ‘The Superman’, actually drifting into a silent retirement. Fans may swear for Sachin’s godliness, critics may crave scores of […]

Cloud Computing, SAAS – A comparison with traditional industry approaches

Here’s a small round-up of Cloud Computing, SAAS that I wrote out while comparing its advent with the traditional industry setting. ___________________________________ Cloud Computing, more so than a buzzword, is here to change the way business models operate in terms of not just IT services but consequences far-reaching such as ownership and risk associated with […]


It’s a tale of two nations – which began as many and if all had been fine, could have been one. Yesterday, was a day of not just Halloween, but of one of the best one-day international games I have ever seen. Pakistan ended up beating South Africa and Abdul Razzaq left the Proteas scared […]

She’s Back..!

We’ve got her back, the most beautiful woman to grace the universe… ever! After ten months of raging a brave battle against multiple myeloma – Lisa Ray is right back! While this comes as a sense of relief and happiness to folks like me – the ardent fanbase as such, for several others, who’ve become […]

The ‘Uncommon’ Indian Elitist

SOURAV GANGULY – [sho-oo-rob gaan-goo-lee] – noun; Former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Most successful Indian Test Captain till date. Skipper of the Kolkata Knight Riders in Indian Premier League. Widely been held incompetent as a player and captain in between recurring periods of prolific playing streak. Lately, the second most popular subject of […]

I’m Afraid.. Afridi..!!

That is pretty much all of the fan-base has on offer for this mercurial and supremely talented guy after being served a two-match ban for ball tampering in the last one-day international against Australia. Yesterday was a rare sight, a well-galvanised team that was rallying behind its Captain – something I have failed to associate […]