All The Best :: Reviewed


All The Best is supposed to be a full-length comedy flick and how I wish it were true.

I actually sat through the movie only due to decent performances by a couple of characters like Sanjay Mishra (Apple Singh) and Bipasha Basu.

The plot actually revolves around a comedy of errors that is brought about by the central character’s (Sanjay Dutt) arrival. Although the plot has been a framework for several well-made films in the past like Golmaal and Rang Birangi, this one fails to live up to that benchmark.


As mentioned, the memorable performances so to state would not feature any more that Sanjay Mishra and Bipasha Basu in the line-up. Atul Parchure has also played his role with aplomb.

In the also-ran category you could easily place Ajay Devgan, Mugdha Godse & Fardeen Khan – all extremely lacking in their projection.

Sanjay Dutt & Johny Lever just about manage to hang on.


The music is extremely forgettable and has nothing to speak about.

It’s one of those soundtracks that come with an expiry date prior to the date of manufacture.

No shelf life – to put it straight.


All The Best is again a movie that has had some amount of audiences due to the extremely pathetic set of movies doing the rounds during the time.

In any normal course of runs, a movie like this would have fallen by the wayside about a week into the release.


4.50 / 10.00

Blue :: Reviewed


Well, we didn’t actually have much to do, so we just went in for some purist time-pass. The story isn’t much of an eye-opener, but Blue somehow just clings on and makes you just about stand the whole tale.

The story revolves around marine-lines entrepreneur, his stand-out employee and the employee’s brother. While the men make merry and hunt for treasure, you are left wondering if this is how all shipwrecks are actually discovered!

The plot is a little devoid of attention to detail and therefore leaves you with more to be expected – in fact, the movie ends with a suggestive sequel punch


Akshay Kumar is yet again looking the part. He easily remains the mainstay of the movie with some reasonable performances from Zayed Khan, Lara Dutta & Sanjay Dutt.

Rahul Dev returns after a long hiatus – but doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Katrina Kaif ends up being a total waste and a showpiece character to state the least.


The music by A.R.Rehman is nothing short of pathetic.

In fact, barring the ‘Chiggy Wiggy’ number, you can hardly even classify a song in the hummable category.

A very poor and forgettable album.


Blue is an attempt at bringing to life a good storyline into mainstream Indian cinema but where it falls short is the screenplay and execution.

If you have nothing else to see and badly need a movie, you might just add on to the queue (if any).


5.00 / 10.00

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna :: Reviewed


I have never been ever so optimistic (read hopeful) about a change in my fortunes than those moments when about half an hour into the movie – I began noticing the attires of the star cast on display. I really hoped and hoped and hoped the movie would save itself and at least offer a ‘one-time see’ experience. But what unfolded was pure horror – an agonizingly amateurish script, coupled with no sensibility quotient and extremely poor screenplay.

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna is about a couple who are forced to live apart in troubled professional times for the husband and when everything is just about to be happily ever after, the husband discovers mythical pain-points in incidents that happened while he was away.


Salman Khan has tried hard to lift the sinking ship, ably supported in patches by Yash Tonk.

However, Kareena Kapoor, Sohail Khan and in fact props like Nauheed Cyrusi, Dino Morea and Bappi Lahiri have been really out of place and optional with respect to the story (if there ever was one) to say the least.

The only highlight to some extent was the ageing but glittering Preity Zinta – yes, the only part that was Happening so to state.


Sajid-Wajid have always been bankable composers and scored some of the most soulful numbers, especially in Salman Khan flicks. They don’t really disappoint this time either.

Don’t Say Alvida & Rabba are really well made numbers and the kind that will ensure some shelf life for Main Aur Mrs. Khanna – the album.

The cherry of the lot is definitely Happening, the video being surprisingly good looking too.


Main Aur Mrs. Khanna is a definite non-starter. In fact, it is so pathetic that you will actually find yourself stretched even though this one is just about two hours long.

A non-existent storyline with a blurred plot and terrible dialogues & screenplay drive more nails to the coffin than needed.

Whatever points you find on offer below are entirely in admiration of Happening – it’s a pity that such a great number had to bite the dust with the movie.

Steer clear from this one.


2.50 / 10.00

Wake Up Sid :: Reviewed


Wake Up Sid – the plot could be anybody’s guess and what’s more, it fails to surprise all those guesses!

Another candyfloss movie from the Dharma Productions banner that relies more on the ‘likeability’ factor and ‘offering’.

The plot involves a useless and aimless brat who eventually finds his feet through several hiccups and incidents and also ends up meeting his soulmate én route.


Ranbir Kapoor is repetitive and predictable. However, his screen presence continues to offer the ‘feel-good’ factor and keep you involved.

Konkona Sen Sharma is outstanding – very natural and very very exceptional. Her role perhaps takes the ‘hats-off’ award precisely because she does it without even you realizing it.

Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak are good in their acts. Rahul Khanna just about clings on too. The support cast is good in patches.


Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy continue to churn out one great score after another. Quite essentially, the music of Wake Up Sid makes it all the more watchable and in fact, the album surely has more shelf life than the movie. Iktara is definitely the cherry on top!


Wake Up Sid would find favour among the general audiences primarily on account of its ‘feel good’ and ‘I-identify-with’ factors. In fact, although highly predictable in its storyline and a stereotype screenplay, the movie is definitely watchable and better than all movies currently screening.

All these factors would add up to the blockbuster score for the movie and probably, Wake Up Sid would end up being one inspite of all its minuses.


6.50 / 10.00

Wanted :: Reviewed


I had seen the Telugu version of Pokkiri – starring Mahesh Babu. However, I walked into the auditorium unwillingly and rather out of a rejection towards Dil Bole Hadippa.

The movie began with the expected ways of Salman Khan walking around doing his own thing – almost as if this were an extended photo shoot or stage show.

The plot seemed to have been borrowed frame-by-frame from the South Indian version(s) except that amidst all the sub-plots, you suddenly find yourself staring at not just the possibility of a different storyline but in fact, a possible box-office winner.

Wanted shines in parts as a well-made masala adventure ride and comes across as a pretty watchable flick.


Salman Khan builds on gradually in the movie and deceptively ends on a high – reminding one of the superb act in Tere Naam, although this one is quite different and yet so alike!

Ayesh Takia plays out her part without any fuss and so do the supporting cast. Govind Namdeo & Prakash Raj are appreciable in their essays but eventually it’s Mahesh Manjrekar who stands out once again with his exceptional acting and screen presence.


Sajid-Wajid score good enough to complement the storyline in parts and in fact, some of the songs have this ‘growth’ factor attached to them – in case you choose to rerun the tracks as is often the case after sitting through the movie.


Although the movie began on nothing worthwhile or promising, the storyline graduated to a pretty decent plot for a masala movie like Wanted. In fact, with a dearth of good movies at the screens, Wanted should be able to do fair business and surprise even more folks.


6.50 / 10.00

Kaminey :: Reviewed


All Hype & No Fizz – Kaminey summed up so to speak..!

With all the hype surrounding the movie that was further fuelled by exaggerated star ratings by various critics, I was led to believe that my weekend was awaiting an exceptional treat (It also doesn’t give you a reality check when your batchmates who’ve already seen the movie tag it a treat all the way.. morons is one word you can attribute to such leechers!)

There is absolutely no plot in the movie – the ending is a foregone conclusion and ever so slowly meanders towards the same along with two brothers (twins) with vocal impairments. And yes, don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling hard to ward off your dozing instincts during the run of play.


Shahid Kapur is a mere shadow of his Jab We Met self meaninglessly having to cope with the unnecessary impairments of vocal faculty. The support cast too seems to be struggling hard to deliver but sadly aren’t able to bail out a sinking ship.

Priyanka Chopra is the only saving grace – she looks great in the much restrained make-up version and is exceptional in her dialogue delivery and screen presence. Two thumbs up to her lone act..!


Vishal Bharadwaj has lost the touch not just in his direction but also music direction it seems. You seriously doubt if this is the man who gave us Maachis and Omkara. Except for Dhan Te Nan and the wedding number (perhaps rendered more hummable by Priyanka Chopra’s act) – absolutely nothing makes you take notice.


I have my doubts in giving a verdict this time around, the reason being so many ‘elitist’ brains around me declaring this a treat – but then, what the hell.. I’ll give mine anyways..!

In case you have nothing more worthwhile to do, you can definitely go for this one – otherwise, I doubt if you will ever have the same respect towards most movie critics out there.


5.50 / 10.00

Love Aaj Kal :: Reviewed


Amazingly Awesome – two words for Love Aaj Kal.

For a change, I am at a loss of words to jot down the plot here. My best attempt would be that this movie takes you through a rollercoaster one-of-a-kind drive down a boulevard of emotions only Imtiaz Ali can deliver.

The story brings to the fore simple adages like ‘Love is timeless’ and ‘Love happens but once..!’ but most importantly does not meander in the entire run. Simply put, Love Aaj Kal will keep you hooked inspite of a predictable ending – very much underlining the fact that means justify the end..!


Saif Ali Khan is simply beyond bounds of praise. He does full justice to the role(s) and comes up triumphs on all scores including a terrific screen-presence, something that has failed to elude him post-Dil Chahta Hai.

Deepika Padukone is surprisingly subtle and pulls off almost every piece of act with amazing grace. Perhaps, for the very first time, I have fully admired Deepika Padukone – the actress.

The rest of the cast, including Rishi Kapoor support the storyline very well and more importantly – do not appear stifling in any case.


Another champion score from Pritam who delivers on the promise made with Jab We Met, as much as the director.

Twist and Chor Bazaari are already booming all over. Aaj Din Chadheya and Dooriyaan blend well with the screenplay though and Aahun Aahun wraps up things in style the Mauja Hi Mauja way.

A very well made album to state the least.


One of those rarities which portray elements of contemporary cinema and find favor with any kind of audience.

So simple… So subtle… And yet, so very superb – exemplary at times..!

I can’t bet on you but for my cause – I will definitely give this one another watch..!


8.00 / 10.00

Delhi 6 :: Reviewed


Delhi-6 takes a socio-cultural-political-umpteenical take on India and the domestic situation through the eyes of an Indian – Born (and brought up) in the USA.

After R.O. Mehra’s hugely successful and awe-inspiring Rang De Basanti comes Delhi-6, full of anecdotes from our daily lives shot amidst old Delhi’s backdrop and brought to life by quite a few creditable performances.

Abhishek Bachchan is born to parents who married outside their caste and settled in the USA. After several years he returns with his ailing grandmother (Waheeda Rehman) to get a feel of where his roots lie. He immediately starts taking a liking to the place despite its shallows of logic and monopoly of faith and the culturally spun-off politics.

If not for the social messages, you can watch this one just for the director’s intent and the protagonist’s unshakable faith in the adage – Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani..!


Sonam Kapoor is so wow.!

Absolutely mint fresh and almost picture perfect – no less.

The rest of the cast, including Abhishek Bachchan are very true to their roles and deliver according to the asks of the screenplay.

The two actors that stand out though are – Divya Dutta (Jalebi) & Atul Kulkarni (Gobar).


While A.R.Rehman struck gold with Rang De Basanti – Delhi 6 is sadly a consolation prize at best.

Most songs just have a few keys of notes and pronounced background scores – so characteristic of Rehman’s songs that lack melody or magic.

Except a few occasional sounds here and there – a very forgettable album.


A movie that has pure intentions and they alone are reason enough to sit through this one.

Not a must-watch though.


6.00 / 10.00

Dev D :: Reviewed


The movie deals with modern-day trysts of the everblue Devdas portrayed superbly by Abhay Deol. Now this has been a trend for quite some time – Abhay Deol is to be found in movies which either have a great screenplay or a tight storyline : this one carries the trend forward.

Our Devdas (DevD) falls in love with Paro and shies away from marrying her thinking about whether the same would justify his family’s social status only to find out later that his family indeed wanted him to get married to Paro. With blues filling his life, DevD takes to alcohol and customary accompaniments as his last straws only to chance upon Chanda.

What does destiny have in store for Dev? What happens to Paro? And what’s the story behind Chanda?

All these and many more answers open up gradually in this entertaining saga of DevD.


Mahi Gill & Kalki Koechlin are quite natural in their portrayal of Paro & Chanda respectively.

The support cast just about sticks to it. The Brass Band – Patna Ke Presley are one of the high points of the movie.

However, Abhay Deol, without doubt, is superb and often too real than reel. This is definitely one of his better acts till date.


All the songs in the movie are good and extremely easy to relate to the situation in the plot.

But Emosanal Atyachar definitely calls for the once-more vote.!

Amit Trivedi deserves two thumbs up for this one…Well done.!


Let me summarize what this movie is not –

Not an Indian family movie.

Not a movie (let alone the public) every critic will find peace with.

And not a movie you should miss out in favour of an Oscar winner..!


7.50 / 10.00

Luck By Chance :: Reviewed


The movie takes a potshot at several professionals in the Indian Film Industry even exploiting anecdotes and incidents from the yester-years.

Although seemingly slow-moving at times, debutante director Zoya Akhtar gets full marks for exploring definitive and fresh angles on taking shots and also for keeping the on-screen drama realistically subdued.

The story as such, meanders from one point to another without giving you much clue as to where it actually wants to go – but ends up at a beautiful juncture.

Don’t miss this one if you are one who admires the subtle nuances of film making.


Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma share the role of the protagonist and do every bit of justice to the same.

Dimple Kapadia shows her acting prowess in all flavors while Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Chawla and Sanjay Kapoor are apt in their performances.

Hrithik Roshan and Isha Sharvani are appreciable and the whole ensemble of actors and actresses are pretty much to the demand of the script.


Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy again come up all trumps with this score and make you wonder if the portrayals on-screen were thought of before or were they tuned to match the scores?

With all the hoopla surrounding the Slumdog score by Rehman, folks, even this soundtrack will make you realize the fact that the Indian Music Industry is leap years ahead of ordinary scores that are getting global recognition this year.

Pyaar Ki Daastaan and Sapno Se Bhare Naina are standout numbers.


It’s not a movie every cine-goer will like – especially those who look for more twists and turns and umpteen stories in a single script.

If you long for a taste of a well made film – watch this one..!


6.50 / 10.00