Anjaana Anjaani Reviewed Featured Image

Anjaana Anjaani :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – Two strangers meet and feel the sparks igniting between them – with you waiting to see if the climax goes the merry Bollywood way or is there a twist in store… but behind all that, is the strong undercurrent of suicidal tendencies from our lead pair. It’s a Siddharth Anand movie – […]

Dabangg Reviewed Featured Image

Dabangg :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – Good guy grows up to be a man of honour despite all obstacles and ends up cleansing the society by getting rid of the goons one after another – the biggest of them all, in the end. Sounds familiar? Well then that is where the similarities end with other melodrama episodes. What […]

Rajneeti Reviewed Featured Image

Rajneeti :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – Rajneeti, by Prakash Jha’s admission itself, borrows heavily from the Mahabharata. Well, it also cleverly adds to it pieces of other flicks and a dash of Nehru-Gandhi family affairs. What you get in the end is an attempt at trying to put together a solid representation of the state and times of […]

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Kites :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – Kites is different. It’s a film that for once, defines why the production house is so called – Film Kraft. It’s nothing short of a carefully crafted piece of art that may still find few connoisseurs. A superbly woven tale of endless love that transcends the barriers of race, religion and language […]

3 Idiots Reviewed Featured Image

3 Idiots :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – I don’t quite remember the last time I saw a movie that delivered more on every count than it promised. 3 Idiots is not quite the Sholay of our times nor the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge of the decade – but in its own way, it is much beyond the league of […]

Kurbaan :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – Kurbaan was definitely one of the movies this season that created a lot of pre-release following. The plot of the movie can easily be mistaken to have been entirely inspired from Yash Raj Films’ New York, released earlier this year. The movie however saves a lot of weaknesses on the surface through […]

Bachna Ae Haseeno :: Re-Viewed!

THE PREMISE – Bachna Ae Haseeno should’ve been the first review to belong here. Somehow, the review did not get to see the light of your LCD and remained confined to the blog post archives folder – all the time, when I merrily kept hitting the keyboard for one movie or the other. This movie […]

Blue :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – Well, we didn’t actually have much to do, so we just went in for some purist time-pass. The story isn’t much of an eye-opener, but Blue somehow just clings on and makes you just about stand the whole tale. The story revolves around marine-lines entrepreneur, his stand-out employee and the employee’s brother. […]

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna :: Reviewed

THE PLOT – I have never been ever so optimistic (read hopeful) about a change in my fortunes than those moments when about half an hour into the movie – I began noticing the attires of the star cast on display. I really hoped and hoped and hoped the movie would save itself and at […]