Elgg | Quick-n-Dirty Notes :-)

After cooling my heels for a pretty long time – mostly devoid of any interaction with IDEs and semicolons and more, I was made to sit through a four day task of customizing and deploying an Elgg based portal for my current institute. So I got myself a new copy each of XAMPPLite & Elgg […]

B-School Markup

Since I have been transitioning from my ‘tech’ blog to consolidate all of it here, here’s one from the stuff I did last year at my b-school.. well, some of it! I’d been lately involved in a few crash-time development scenarios. Not that they’ve been nifty hu-ha ones but then reasonably good to do is […]

Vista :: Customizing Notification Icons

I experienced this peculiar problem today when trying to activate the Power notification icon after it mysteriously disappeared from my system tray. To my amazement, the Power checkbox had become frozen and therefore I could not select and get my icon back. When I opened the Customize Notification Icons dialog box, I found plenty of […]