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Two strangers meet and feel the sparks igniting between them – with you waiting to see if the climax goes the merry Bollywood way or is there a twist in store… but behind all that, is the strong undercurrent of suicidal tendencies from our lead pair.
It’s a Siddharth Anand movie – and typically so from the beginning to the title scroll.


Ranbir Kapoor keeps leaping with performance after performance. With this movie, he takes his screen presence up by another umpteen notches. Priyanka Chopra is overdone in some scenes but well that is pardonable in this genre (or the lack of it).
The support cast is just about good enough – Zayed Khan though retains as many emotions and expressions as he boasted in Chura Liya Hai Tumne.


The music is yet again the trump card of the film. As with Bachna Ae Haseeno (Siddharth Anand’s previous), Vishal-Shekhar throw in amazing numbers in this album. You’ll be at a loss to pick out a weak link throughout.

The fast and bouncy title track is however the ace of the pack and a worthy candidate for numerous repetitions.


Anjaana Anjaani is a kind of movie that will only cater to the put-your-hair-down-and-rejoice kind of audience in the theatres. If you are even remotely into ‘meaningful cinema’ – or think it’s best not to be associated with an admiration or two for such movies, please give this a skip.
And for all those who loved Bachna Ae Haseeno – it’s time to pump up the volumes, all over again!


7.00 / 10.00


Anjaana Anjaani

2 thoughts on “Anjaana Anjaani :: Reviewed

  1. Well well…..although the lead pairs were suicidal psycho n the story was almost predictable…. I liked it a bit… just because.. Ranbir Kapoor was looking wao!!!!!
    n songs like “Tumse hi ” n “Tujhe bhula diya” were really gud!!!!
    its a okay kindo movie… not worth spending 300 bugs for it in theatre…..

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