Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani :: Reviewed


Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani finally offers me something I had hoped to see more than an year back – Katrina Kaif opposite Ranbir Kapoor.

The plot is not much to speak about – a clichéd storyline so to speak with some good, some excellent and some sub-par performances.

But what sets APKGK apart is the finer moments every now and then that make you feel that this movie can’t just be written off. The director (Raj Kumar Santoshi) returns to the comic genré after a long time – Andaz Apna Apna being his last such venture. And although he still retains elements of banana-peel humor which makes you frown and feel cheated at moments during the movie, yet there are enough novel comic ones that keep the funny-bone tickled every now and then.


Ranbir Kapoor is once again just too good – he carries the film on his shoulders for the most part.

The on-screen chemistry between Katrina & Ranbir looks good and promises to hold good prospects for more ventures in due course of time.

Darshan Jariwala and Smita Jaykar are exceptional in their acts and so are the bunch of friends hanging around with Ranbir.

The other actors barring Upen Patel are reasonably good too – Upen Patel delivering one of the most feeble roles to have been portrayed in recent times.


The music from Pritam is superb (most of the tracks) and has been complemented well by S. Thiru’s terrific cinematography.

Most of the tracks are already topping the charts and will continue to do so on account of superior shelf life content this time from Pritam.


Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is a movie whose verdict depends on the kind of frame of mind you are carrying in to the auditorium.

In my opinion, this movie will tickle you every now and then and on the whole convince you to forget the crappier humor and situations thus making it a watchable time-out option.

The film will actually do great business as is obvious from the sold out shows all over.


6.50 / 10.00

3 thoughts on “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani :: Reviewed

  1. Ummmm…..Ammmm….Ummm. Actually I am not finding even a single word to comment. The movie was like a tsunami to me which left me shattered with shock. My high expectations had vanished within a minute I saw the first scene. No doubt Songs are too good but a lot more was expected. It could have been better. Ya but the clothes didn’t disappoint me.

    I will give 3/10.0 . (No Bargain plz :D)

  2. Hated the movie..to say the least.But I and Ranu decided to break into peals of laughter like “HAHAHAHA”, every time something comic happened and u can imagine what had happened to GJ sitting between us.Almost KLULESS 😛

  3. Nothing could be better than these prestigious words for this flick in this review. It can be counted as one of the accolades for the director, cast & crew, knowing the fact that this was the most disappointing movie with the sad comedy I’ve ever seen after a high expectation. 😐

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